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Tentative Deal Could Finally End Vivian Maier Copyright Battle

Tentative Deal Could End Vivian Maier Copyright Dispute

Image © Vivian Maier

A tentative settlement has been reached in the long running Vivian Maier copyright dispute. The details of the deal have been sealed for unknown reasons but a motion to approve the settlement will be presented before the Cook County Probate Court on May 10, 2016. What does this mean for the future of the reclusive nanny’s street photography? Hit the jump for more details!

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Toronto Gallery Buys Jeffrey Goldstein’s Entire Collection Of Vivian Maier Negatives

Vivian Maier

Photo © Vivian Maier, Negative In The Collection of Stephen Bulger Gallery

A legal battle over Vivian Maier’s estate has put the work on indefinite hold as the courts decide who owns the copyright. In spite of this controversy, Toronto’s Stephen Bulger Gallery decided to buy Jeffrey Goldstein’s entire collection Vivian Maier negatives. I sat down with Stephen to get his perspective on the legal battle and discuss how his purchase affects the future of Vivian Maier’s work. Hit the jump to read the interview.

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