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New Magnum Store Features Signed Photo Books, Original Prints And More

Magnum Store

It’s been a busy week over at Magnum Photos with the announcement of the next Square Print Sale and now the launch of their online book store. They’ve got an amazing selection of signed photo books and limited editions so be sure to check it out if you’re looking to add to your own library. Hit the jump for more info.

Magnum Square Print Sale – Signed Magnum Prints For $100 Bucks!

Magnum Square Print Sale

Magnum photographers were asked to dig deep into their archives to find their favorite single image that was unpublished or unnoticed until now. These images are being sold as part of the #ArchiveDive Magnum square print sale where you can own a signed print from your favorite Magnum photographer for a measly $100 bucks! Hit the jump for more info.

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