Fuji Guys Preview Fuji X100T Hybrid Viewfinder Modes

Fuji X100T Hybrid Viewfinder

The Fuji Guys preview the new Fuji X100T hybrid viewfinder modes including a through-the-viewfinder look at the new Electronic Range Finder (ERF) with focus overlay in the bottom corner. A cool solution to verify focus when using the optical viewfinder! Hit the jump for the full video.

Fuji X100T Hybrid Viewfinder

Among the improvements to the Fuji X100T hybrid viewfinder is a new ERF mode for easier focussing with the optical viewfinder. A neutral density filter slides into the lower right corner of the optical viewfinder and the the focus area is projected onto it while the rest of the viewfinder remains clear. You can keep an eye on your subject and check focus with a quick glance down.

Looks a little janky in the video but that might just be based on how the video was filmed by looking through the viewfinder itself. We’ll have to wait for a production version of the camera to be sure!

The viewfinder mode switch on the front of the X100T now moves left and right to allow you to cycle between the three viewfinder modes.

The also show off the real time parallax correction which is a huge improvement over the X100 and X100S. Previous cameras featured frame lines that “snapped” into place when you half-pressed the shutter. The closer you were to the subject the more the position of those lines would change. The frame lines on the X100T move continuously based on focus distance and provide a much more intuitive user experience.

More New Features

The video also dives into a few more new features on the Fuji X100T including a revamped focus ring, 1/3 stop increments on the aperture dial and the customizable buttons on the back. Overall this is looking like an excellent upgrade to one of 2013’s most popular street photography cameras.

What’s your take on the new Fuji X100T? Post your ideas in the comments below!

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