Six Things I Hate About Sony Cameras / Sony A7 III Unboxing

Six Things I Hate About Sony Cameras / A7 III Unboxing

The Sony A7 III hype machine is in overdrive and people are raving about this camera everywhere you turn. And this got me to thinking… The Sony A7 III might be a great camera but there’s a lot of things about Sony cameras that really bug me. So I thought I’d cover the things i hate about Sony cameras while I unbox my new Sony A7 III. Hit the jump to watch the video!

6 Things I Hate About Sony Cameras / Sony A7 III Unboxing

The Sony A7 III is completely winning the photography market over. Its combination of great performance and low price are hard to beat and frankly, no other manufacturer even comes close. I picked up a Sony A73 to see if it lives up to the hype and instead of posting yet another unboxing video I thought I’d list the things that really bug me about Sony cameras in general.

Don’t worry, a full Sony A7 III street photography review is on the way!

Canadian shooters can find the Sony A7iii at Canada’s greatest camera store:

StreetShootr’s Take

Okay, this “tongue in cheek” stab at Sony ignores all the great things that Sony cameras can do. But it’s just an unboxing video – the full review will get into the juicy details!

There’s no denying the Sony A7 III is the most exciting thing to happen in the photo industry in recent history. And a lot of the hype could just be people really enjoying the camera. It looks like Sony has gotten just about everything right with their latest “basic model” A73 but only time will tell!

What’s your take on my Sony A7 III unboxing video? Do you agree with the things that bug me about Sony? Did I miss any big ones? Post your ideas in the comments below to keep the conversation going!

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