Eric Kim Street Photography Workshop Scheduled In Stockholm

Eric Kim Introduction To Street Photography Workshop

Eric Kim will be holding his popular introduction to street photography workshop in Stockholm for October 29-30, 2014. The intimate two day workshop is limited to 6 participants and represents a rare chance for European fans to get a taste of the elusive art of street photography from one of the most popular voices in the medium. Hit the jump for all the details.

Eric Kim Street Photography Workshop

Eric Kim has made a name for himself by teaching a new wave of photographers interested in skills required to shoot on the street. His teaching style is informal and collaborative and his workshops been enjoyed by hundreds of photographers around the world.

The Introduction To Street Photography workshop presents photographers with a basic toolset for shooting on the street and Eric encourages his students to embrace their fears and shoot street portraits in addition to candid shots. Eric follows the workshop participants when they’re shooting and offers first hand advice and encouragement as they explore the streets.

Introduction To Street Photography

The Eric Kim Introduction To Street Photography workshop is designed for photographers that are comfortable with the operation of their cameras but are new to shooting on the street. The workshop covers the following:

  1. How you can conquer your fear of shooting street photography
  2. How you can improve your composition and what to look for in the streets
  3. How you can anticipate & capture “The Decisive Moment”
  4. The best technical settings to use on your camera
  5. How you can master editing & workflow in Lightroom 5
  6. An in-depth critique & feedback of your work
  7. The best secret places in Stockholm (off the beaten path) to shoot street photography
  8. How to develop your style in street photography and stick out from the crowd
  9. Personalized street photography assignments to push you to the next level
  10. How to create a memorable body of work and the secrets of unforgettable images

As always, Eric offers a money back guarantee to anyone who is not happy with the workshop. A confident move from someone as dedicated to education as he is to the art of street photography.

The workshop is limited to 6 participants and costs €395 if you register before October 20, 2014.

Find out more or register on Eric’s site:

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