Canon See Impossible Campaign Hints At Something Big

Canon See Impossible Rumor

Canon takes out full page “See Impossible” ad in the New York Times for a mystery product to be revealed on Tuesday, October 7, 2014. Is it an ultra high resolution sensor? Or a medium format system? Hit the jump to find out more.

Canon Rumors

The Canon rumor mill has seen a lot of action lately with talk of a high megapixel pro body. Canon has been lagging behind companies like Sony with their remarkable high resolution A7r and many people expect them to make a high-res announcement soon. But this seems unlikely as the Canon 7D Mark II was just announced and won’t be available until November.

Other rumors point towards a new Rebel which would be the first canon DSLR with an EVF rather than a traditional SLR viewfinder. Canon has pretty much missed the boat on the mirrorless camera race and it seems likely that they’ll come on board eventually but many believe this will come later in the spring.

The other big rumor that’s been circulating is an all new Canon medium format camera. Many pro phtographers are being tempted by the Pentax 645Z with its 51.4 MP sensor. Canon doesn’t currently have anything like this so it would make sense for them to make inroads in this relatively new market.

Nothing Is Impossible

These types of teaser campaigns have become fairly common as manufacturers try to go viral with their product launches. But the Canon See Impossible campaign has pulled out all the stops with a full page ad in the New York Times along side the countdown website.

The text of the ad and the website are full of high level hype language:

To excuses, distractions, procrastination, inertia, critics, cynics,
realists, pessimists, resistance, conventional wisdom.
To the peanut gallery, the so-called experts, the good enoughs,
the urges to pass the buck,
the easy way out, the snooze button, the panic button,
and to that little voice in the back of your head that says,
“It can’t be done.”
To all of it, we apologize.
Because we don’t see what you see.

The message is confident bordering on cocky but given the latest Leica ad to hit the internet this kind of hyperbolic language seems to be the new norm in advertising.

The only clue is the “exploding box” graphic beside the Canon logo. Could be a new product logo, or a simple icon to convey “thinking outside the box”. It’s hard to say but at least we don’t have to wait long to see what this one’s all about. In the meantime you can check the countdown on the Canon See Impossible website:

What do you guys think is on the way from Canon? High megapixel DSLR? Or maybe a re-release of Pecker’s favorite camera, the Canonette? There’s still plenty of time to speculate so post your ideas in the comments below!

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