Photographer Martin Bogren Talks About Tractor Boys

Martin Bogren Tractor Boys Interview

Video interview with Martin Bogren on Tractor Boys, his latest photo book about a group of hot rod obessessed teenagers in Sweden. We loved Tractor Boys and it’s great to hear a Martin’s perspective on photography and the process of creating this beautiful little book. Hit the jump for the video and more!

Video Interview With Martin Bogren On Tractor Boys

Apart from being entirely charming, Martin has some interesting insight into the process of photographing Tractor Boys. At first the boys didn’t accept him and would drive away from him as he tried to take their pictures. He eventually gained the trust of the group after offering a print to the leader, a sensitive type who didn’t say too much.

The boy shrugged took the photo and put it in his back pocket and Martin believed that to be the end of it. But the next day the boy had placed the photo in his windshield and this nod of approval opened the door to everyone involved. Before he knew it other boys in the “gang” were suggesting he photograph them as well.

Small steps go a long way and over the course of three consecutive summers, Tractor Boys was created as a testament to the power and fragility of youth.

Martin Bogren On Shooting Film

Tractor Boys was shot entirely on film and Martin believes this gives him a creative advantage:

When you are shooting film, you have to trust yourself in a complete different way. You can’t see what you’re having. It has to be here [points at head]. It has to be here [points at heart].

Most of the photographs in Tractor Boys were taken at dusk with a shutter speed of 1/2 or 1/8 second. He muses that not all of his images are blurry but that seems to be what he’s looking for when he edits. It’s how he wants to see the world.

What’s your take on Tractor Boys? Has hearing Martin talk about the book changed your perspective in any way? Post your comments below and keep the conversation going!

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