Flickr Find: Untitled By Jack Simon

Untitled By Jack Simon On Flickr

A wide open plaza populated by a few lone figures placed perfectly in the distance as a solitary bubble frames a statue subtly, like a whisper. The slightly askew horizon conjurs visions of an image created in an instant without planning. Reaction and instinct taking control. Jack Simon’s latest images were shot during a vacation to Rome and the work lives up to the standard he’s created for himself. Hit the jump for more from this modern master.

I was lucky. I took a handful of shots in different directions and was thinking about the cartoon look of thought bubbles. I don’t remember being conscious of the spacing of people or that the sculpture had “filled” the bubble. — Jack Simon

Jack Simon


Jack Simon worked as a psychiatrist for 40 years and became fascinated by the possibilities of photography 8 short years ago. He’s a member of the Burn My Eye Collective and his work has appeared in several exhibitions and books including the recently released Street Photographer’s Manual by David Gibson.

I first heard of Jack Simon when I saw a video of him patiently shooting in the streetsof San Francisco. I looked up some of his photographs and was blown away by the layered complexity and dry humor in almost every frame. His years a psychiatrist have provided an insight into the human condition that is lost in most street photography. His photos are alive and dynamic without being gimmicky.

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