PSA: Stop Apple Photos From Opening Every Time You Plug In Your Camera

Stop Apple Photos From Opening Every Time You Plugin In Your Camera

How do you stop Apple Photos from opening every time you plug in your camera? The program lets you turn off devices individually but if you format your SD card then the app treats that card as a new device and auto-launches next time you plug it in. Well, there’s finally a solution to shut this damn thing off for good! Hit the jump for the details!

Stop Apple Photos From Opening Every Time You Plug In Your Camera

I’m sure there are people that use Apple Photos like it. But a lot of street photographers use Lightroom and have ZERO need for Apple’s consumer photo orgranizing app. For some reason, Apple designed the app to open whenever it detects an external device that contains media whether or not you want it. What??

Apple photos would let you stop it from self-launching per device but you had to do this for every device you use which was a pain. And if you formatted your memory card, Apple Photos sees it as a new device and auto launches next time you plug it in. It looked like there was no way to stop Apple Photos for all devices at once.

Well, you can finally turn off self-launching for Apple Photos globally in OS X with a simple terminal command:

defaults -currentHost write disableHotPlug -bool YES

Copy and paste the above line into the Terminal app in OS X then press [Enter] and voila! Apple Photos goes to sleep and leaves you alone forever. FINALLY!

Huge shout out to Melbourne Photographer Ben Fon for posting this tip to Reddit. If you’re a Reddit user get over there and give him an upvote already!

What’s your take on Apple Photos auto launching? Finally and end to the nagging? Or do you actually use Apple Photos? Post your ideas in the comments below and keep the conversation going!

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