Leica MP Unboxing And First Impressions – I’m Going Back To Film!

Leica MP Unboxing First Impressions Film Photography

I decided to go cold turkey with digital and shoot nothing but film for the next year. You can shoot film with any old camera you might find in a thrift shop. But I’ve wanted a Leica MP for years so I decided to splurge a little bit. Hit the jump for my unboxing and first impressions video!

Fuji XF 35mm f2 Lens Is Quick On The Street

Fuji XF 35mm f2 WR Compact Prime Lens

Fuji just released a speedy little lens that many street photographers are going to love. The Fuji XF 35mm f2 is a weather and dust resistant compact prime lens that features a 9-blade aperture for smooth bokeh and an internal focus system powered by a stepping motor for quick and quiet focus in as little as .08 seconds. Hit the jump for more details!

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