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Say Hello To The Fuji X Pro2

Fuji X Pro2

If your New Year’s resolution is to not buy any more camera gear you might want to hold off on that! The guys at Fuji Rumors just posted a set of blurry leaked pics showing the upcoming Fuji X Pro2 and it looks like this one’s going to be a winner. Hit the jump for more pics!

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Fuji X-Pro2 To Be Released In Early 2015?

Fuji X-Pro2 Rumor

The rumor mill has started buzzing with talk of a Fuji X-Pro2 camera. The X-Pro1 was originally announced in January 2012 and is long overdue for an update with many sources seeing a Fuji X-Pro2 at this year’s C.E.S. in Las Vegas. Hit the jump for more details.

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