Canon See Impossible Teaser Is All About Marketing

Canon See Impossible

Canon caught the photography world’s attention with a full page ad in the New York Time and a website counting down to 9 am this morning. Accordiing to, it looks like the See Impossible campaign is more about advertising as Canon shifts its marketing focus away from products and onto customers’ stories. Hit the jump for more info.

Canon See Impossible

Looks like Canon has taken a page directly out of Apple’s playbook and shifted marketing away from products and onto the people that use them. The first two ads feature inspirational stories of people growing into successful professionals using Canon gear.

The entire campaign is centered on a new microsite that houses a series of videos showing how customers use their products. And the new box logo that caused some speculation is a navigational tool on the website.

Marketing campaigns come and go but the fact that Canon took a full page ad in the New York Times to advertise their next advertising campaign is interesting to say the least. But in an era where smartphones have pretty much elimated a huge share of Canon’s market I guess anything is possible. Even the impossible.

See what I did there?

What’s your take on Canon’s latest marketing effort? Would seeing other people’s stories influence your decision to purchase Canon products? Or does the big reveal feel more like a Let’s Make a Deal Zonk? Post your ideas in the comments below and keep the conversation going!

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