Zack Arias Street Photography Workshop In New York City

Internet celebrity, accomplished photographer and certified Fuji-vangelist Zack Arias is holding a one day street photography workshop on October 28, 2014. Zack will give hands on street photography tips on the streets of Manhattan as the workshop walks from Times Square to Union Square. Hit the jump for more info.

Zack Arias Street Photography Workshop

The workshop will meet for a coffee at 9:30 am and go over a few tips and tricks, important camera settings and talk about the day before hitting the streets. During the day, Zack will assign students random assignments in addition to general street shooting. Critiques will be held several times during the day as the group comes together at various points on the walk from Times Square to Union Square.

If you’ve never experienced Zack shooting you’re in for a treat. The man brings unbridled passion for the craft in addition to humor and his amazing personality to everything he does. Here’s a video with some street photography tips from Zack on the streets of Marrakech:

You really get a sense of what a pleasure it would be to hang out with this guy for an entire day – and learning a thing or two about street photography never hurts either!

The course is priced at $375 USD and you can register on Zack’s website:

If the first course sells out he’ll consider running another on October 30 so you’ve got a couple of options for dates.

What do you guys think about the Zack Arias Street Photography Workshop? Would you walk around the streets of New York City with this guy? Post your ideas in the comments and keep the conversation going!

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