Fuji X100T Officially Announced

Fuji X100T

The rumors were true and the Fuji X100T was officially announced today. The third generation X100 camera features many incremental improvements that speak directly to the needs of street photographers. Hit the jump for the complete rundown on this exciting new camera!

Fuji X100T Silver Top

The Fuji X100T looks almost identical the the X100S it replaces. There are slighly different curves to the body but overall the winning look of the compact rangefinder style camera is in place. But there are a few improvements that street photographers are going to love!

Magnesium Alloy Top And Bottom Plate

Magnesium alloy is lighter than aluminum and it’s corrosion resistant. The Fuji X100T isn’t weather proof but this speaks volumes about the quality that Fuji is willing to put into its cameras. Magnesium alloy flat out looks and feels great. Can’t wait to get this camera in hand!

Improved Hybrid Viewfinder

The improved hybrid viewfinder features 3 modes including EVF, OVF and an all new Electronic Rangefinder (ERF) Mode. The ERF gives you real time feedback and precise focussing control by overlaying an enlarged image of the focus area in the bottom right corner of the optical viewfinder. This not only provides instant feedback of your focus area but gives you a quick focus aid that’s always available without blocking the view of your subject.

The parallax correction in the optical viewfinder is in real time when using manual focus. The X100S had parallax correction but you had to half-depress the shutter to see it in action – the frame lines would jump to the new position. Sounds like this new feature keeps the frame lines and parallax correction synched in real time. Just put the camera to your eye and you’re good to go!

No word on the resolution of the EVF but it’s said to have a larger view and shorter lag times than the X100S. Will give you more info on this when the camera is released into the wild!

Aperture Ring Clicks In 1/3 Stop Increments

The X100S required you go into a menu to hit the 1/3 stop increments. The Fuji X100T includes actual 1/3 stop increments right on the aperture ring of the lens. 100% improvement in usability. Well done, Fuji!

Improved LCD Screen

The size of the LCD screen on the back of the Fuji X100T has been increased to 3″ and its resolution increased to 1.04M dots. The screen on the X100S was fine but was definitely starting to feel a bit dated.

New Command Dial

The X100S used a tiny command lever that required you to push it left or right to perform various functions. It was fiddly and a bit annoying but the X100T uses an all new command dial similar to the one on the XT-1. Quicker action and an affirmative resonse win hands down.

Standardized X Series Controls On Back Of Camera

Looks like the Fuji X100T is the first Fuji camera to feature the new standardized layout that all Fuji X series cameras will have. The buttons are clean and logically laid out. The fiddly little command wheel is gone and replaced by a sensible d-pad. Overall the back of the camera looks like a welcome improvement and seems to be laid out with a photographer’s fingers in mind.

Unfortunately current X100S owners will need to get a new thumb grip as a couple of the buttons in the new layout might get in the way of existing models.

Classic Chrome Picture Style

This is getting a bit of hype and you only need to know one thing about it. It feels like Kodachrome.

Not everyone uses picture styles and I personally shoot everything in RAW and process in LightRoom. Looking at the sample pics of the classic chrome picture style I have a feeling I’m going to be fighting LightRoom to get my RAW files to look just like the new classic chrome. It’s really that good.


I’ve only listed a few of the improvements with the Fuji X100T but they are enough (on paper at least…) to be excited by the next generation Fuji shooter. The suggested retail for the camera is $1299 and is scheduled to be released on November 30, 2014.

What’s your take on the Fuji X100T? Post your comments below!

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