Just Look At This Fuji XPro2 Graphite Edition

Fuji XPro2 Graphite

Just look at this Fuji XPro2 Graphite edition. Just look at it! Okay, it’s the exact same Fuji XPro2 that I’ve been going on about for months. But this one’s graphite! GRAPHITE! All kidding aside, Fuji have announced the sexiest version of their mirrorless flagship that comes with a matching 23mm f/2 lens and metal lens cap. The whole deal is available for pre-order starting today so what are you waiting for? Hit the jump for more pics!

Fuji XPro2 Graphite Edition Announced

Fuji XPro2 Graphite

It’s no secret that I’m a big fan of Fuji products. I shoot with Fuji gear for my personal work and it’s never let me down. The new XTrans 3 sensor is remarkable in lowlight and produces images with an almost 3D quality. It’s no wonder that Fuji has become the go-to brand for so many street photographers!

Well they just made their cameras a whole hell of a lot prettier with two new Graphite editions. The Fuji XPro2 Graphite edition is a dark grey and comes with a matchine 23mm f/2 lens and metal lens hood. And the X-T2 graphite silver edition is a brighter silver that reminds me of the silver versions of classic film cameras. The XT2 graphite silver edition is sold as body only without a matching lens.

Both new finishes look excellent but the star of the show is definitely the XPro2. Take a look at this beauty:

Fuji XT2 Graphite Silver

And the XT2 Graphite Silver edition is pretty snazzy too:

The Fuji XPro2 Graphite edition includes a matching 23mm f/2 lens and metal lens hood and will cost you $2299 USD (about $100 more than the plain old black verision) and the XT2 Graphite Silver edtion (body only) will set you back $1799.

No word on expected ship dates but both cameras are available for pre-order starting today:

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StreetShootr’s Take

Listen, this is all just eye candy. No amount of fancy looking cameras will affect your ability to shoot. But all things being equal, these are some damn pretty looking cameras!

I go back and forth on which of the Fuji flagship cameras I prefer. For street work I love the form factor and OVF of the XPro2. But my brain tells me that the XT2 (with its magnificent EVF) is a better all around camera. I’ve been waiting on a back ordered X-T2 for the past 6 weeks or so but the Fuji XPro2 Graphite Edition might be pretty enough to sway me in that direction.

Damn, that’s a fine looking piece of kit!

What’s your take on the Fuji XPro2 Graphite edition? Worth the extra $100 bucks over the black version? Does it put you in the mind of the M6 Titanium? Post your ideas in the comments below and keep the conversation going!

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