Thorsten Overgaard Featured In First “A Life With Leica” Video

Thorsten Overgaard A Life With Leica

Celebrated Leica expert Thorsten Overgaard is been featured in the first “A Life With Leica” documentary. The video was shot over a 7 day period in Rome and features his ideas about light, inpsiration and the importance of individual expression in photography. Hit the jump to watch the video.

Thorsten Overgaard A Life With Leica

I first discovered Thorsten when I started researching the purchase of a Leica M9. His site is a rich and thorough resource for all things Leica and his ongoing real-world reviews of the Leica M9 and the Leica M 240 are thorough and on point. He covers every detail of each camera and discusses how to get the most out of the system. Even if you already own a digital M there’s something new to discover at Thorsten’s site!

The video was produced by Northpass Media in Rome, Italy and it’s the first in a series of short documentaries featuring Leica photographers. Thorsten talks about the importance of light, candid moments and timeless imagery. His ideas are interwoven with slow motion imagery people and streets to create a romantic atmosphere that’s as much a love letter to the city of Rome as it is about Thorsten Overgaard himself.

Thorsten Overgaard Workshops

Thorsten runs an ongoing series of photography workshops around the world and he talks about being surprised when people want to take his workshops again because he feels he’s already taught a student everything. But he realizes that it’s not so much teaching or learning but it’s the inspiration that people crave. Being with other photographers or seeing what Thorsten has to say about things inspires his students and the workshop becomes more of a creative experience than a kind of specific learning tool.

More information about Thorsten Overgaard workshops can be found on his website.

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