Zack Arias Shoots Street in Marrakech with the Fuji XT-1

Super-star photographer Zack Arias takes his Fuji XT-1 for a spin on the streets of Marrakech. Overall he seems to enjoy the super-hot Fuji cam and gives a few tips for getting better street shots no matter which camera you use. Interesting camera and an interesting guy!

Zack Arias Loves The Fuji XT-1

I first discovered Zack when I was researching the Fuji X100s last year. Some people might call him a Fuji evangelist but his unbridled passion for photography and unmistakable enthusiasm for both the X100s and the newer Fuji XT-1 are remarkable to say the least. Dude loves him some Fuji cameras!

Street Photography

The video follows Zack through the streets of Marrakech as he details a number of key features of the XT-1. He’s totally into the off-camera shutter release using his cell phone and uses it to snap some shots of a live cobra while he’s safely situated a few yards away.

Zack covers quite a few street photography techniques including tips on taking candid shots without your subjects knowledge. Also check out his excellent use of off-camera flash for street portraits – dig that softbox out of a flat wall!

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