Sony A7-S Adds Silent Shutter Mode For Stealthy Shooting

Reports are starting to trickle in about the new Sony A7-S and it sounds like it Sony is heading in the right direction. Apart from its incredible high ISO performance, the newest Sony full-frame mirrorless is sporting an electronic first curtain shutter for NEARLY SILENT operation. Is this the stealthy street photography camera you’ve been waiting for?

The A7 series from Sony represents a major step forward in mirrorless technology by offering a full frame sensor with top-notch image quality in a small affordable package. Combined with a third-party adapter and a Leica lens it sounds like a dream for shooting on the street. The only issue was the relatively loud shutter noise – the 36.4 megapixel A7-R being much louder than the standard A7.

The Sound of the Sony A7-S Silent Shutter

Andrew Tobin posted a video detailing the shutter noise on the A7-R and found it was about as loud as a Canon 1D MkIV!

But the new shutter mode on the A7-S is dead silent:

Low Resolution Sensor

The only issue might be the relatively low resolution of the sensor at 12 megapixels. But as Michael Reichmann of Luminous Landscape points out, the larger pixels on the lower resolution sensor give the images from the A7-S an almost “medium format” look. Frankly, I’d take quality over quantity any day and judging by Michael’s enthusiasm – this thing has quality to spare.

What’s your take on the A7 series for street photography, and do you think the silent shutter of the A7-S is enough to win you over? Post your ideas in the comments!

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