Finding Inspiration

Finding Inspiration In Street Photography

Street photography is a creative pursuit but street photographers are often at the mercy of the whims of the world they record. It’s easy to feel helpless in the face of the randomness and uncertainty of shooting on the street. Joel Sorge talks about finding inspiration in the face of negative influences and rising to the challenge of creativity. Full video after the break.

Finding Inspiration In Street Photography

His best advice is to simply have fun in the face of creative drought. As street photographers I think it’s easy to simply “look for photographs” and forget why we make images in the first place. Stop walking for a second. Breath the air. Look at and enjoy the things you might photograph for what they are. Enjoy yourself in the moment and make photographs becuase the world inspires you. This positive energy can be a reward unto itself and it might just inspire your work at the same time!

How do you kickstart your creativity when you’re in a rut? Post your ideas in the comments!

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