The Most Beautiful Leica M9 In The World

The Most Beautiful Leica M9 In The World

There’s been a lot of Leica rumors lately and we don’t want you to think we’re just another Leica fan site. In an effort to stay fair and balanced I present to you a video of Kai from DigitalRev pimping his producer’s Leica M9. Wen he’s finished it’s the most beautiful Leica M9 in the world! Full video after the jump.

Kai originally painted his producer’s beloved M9 and lovely shade of pinkenta but his producer hated it so he scrubbed it off leaving his camera a lovely shade of brass.

This didn’t stop Kai from getting his hands on it again. He starts out by replacing the leatherette with dark grey lizard skin. The job was a bit of a bitch and after some struggling he has the new leatherette in place. It’s not the prettiest job in the world but it will have to do!

Top tip. If you want to reskin your leica, get somebody who knows how to do it… To do it.

With new leather in place it’s time to really add some value to the aging M9. And what better way than to glue crystals to the damn thing. By the time he’s finished, that poor old Leica M9 looks like came straight off of a 14 year old girl’s Pinterest board.

He glues on a few sparkly figurines and adds a homemade strap that he made from some old ribbon and frilly bits of ladies underwear. It’s not exactly “stealthy” by the time he’s done but one thing is for sure. It’s the most beautiful Leica M9 in the world!


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