Governor Vetoes Arkansas Privacy Bill, Street Photography Still Legal In State

Arkansas Privacy Bill Vetoed

Arkansas Governeor Asa Hutchinson vetoed the state’s controversial “Personal Rights Protection Act” that would force street photographers to get written permission from strangers they photograph. The photography world reacted swiftly in condemning the bill and it’s good to see the governor did the right thing. Hit the jump for more details.

Governor Vetoes Arkansas Privacy Bill

In a letter to the Arkansas Senate, Governor Hutchinson says he vetoed the bill because it was “overbroad, vague and will have the effect of restricting free speach.” He credits part of his decision to veto the bill to the many photographers who wrote in with their negative comments.

Arkansas state law allows vetoes to be overturned with a simple majority vote in both houses of the legislature. But the public outcry that happened when this bill was originall passed means that it’s not likely that lawmakers would take this step.

StreetShootr’s Take

This is good news for street photographers and the citizens of Arkansas! To me, the bill looked like a thinly veiled attack on Arkansas residents free speach and the only kinds of photography that would be affected by the new rules would be street photogrpahers and citizen journalists. A move that further villifies photography and seeks to protect public officials from being exposed from potential wrong-doing.

Score one for the good guys!

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