Current Leica Rebates Re-Extended To 04-30-2015

Leica Rebates Extended To March 31, 2015

The current rebates on Leica M bodies and lenses has been extended to April 30, 2015. This rebate was originally supposed to expire in January so you have to wonder why Leica doesn’t just permanently reduce the price of their cameras. Either way you can still save $750 on Leica M bodies (including the aging but wonderous Monochrom). Hit the jump for all the details.

Current Leica Rebates Re-Extended To April 30, 2015 tipped us off to the latest extension of Leica’s rebates which cover M 240 and Monochrom bodies plus a bevvy of Leica lenses.

If you’re looking for anything from Leica the prices are as low as they’re gonna get. Check your favorite retailer for more info:

Leica Store Miami

The current $250 Leica lens rebate is also extended until the end of April.

StreetShootr’s Take

You have to wonder why the Leica rebates keep getting extended. I can’t help but feel that Leica should just permanently reduce the price of this gear and stop milking the rebate buzz. But however you look at it, the Leica rebates mean anyone interested in a Leica M can save a good chunk of change.

The rebates cover the M 240 and Monochrom bodies but the rumor mill is starting to buzz about a new Monochrom in the very near future. If black and white is your bag you might be advised to hold out and see what Leica’s next Jesus camera will look like!

What’s your take on the extended Leica rebates? Still too much to consider or worth a look if you’re in the market? Post your ideas in the comments below and keep the converstation going!

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