In Public’s Jesse Marlow On The Street With The Leica Q (Typ 116)

In Public's Jess Marlow On The Street With The Leica Q (Typ 116)

There’s a lot of hype about the Leica Q (Typ 116) but when In Public’s Jesse Marlow takes it for a spin it’s worth a look. Jesse hits the Melbourne streets and talks about his love for street photography and how the Leica Q fits his shooting style. Hit the jump for the video and more.

Jesse Marlow On The Street With The Leica Q (Typ 116)

Leica Australia asked Jesse to demo the Leica Q prior to its release in June. He spent a week with the little camera shooting on the streets of Melbourne and the photos were used to promote the camera when it was released in Australia. This short documentary was produced while Jesse was shooting and it gives us some insight to his process and what he looks for when he’s shooting on the street.

My name’s Jesse Marlow and I’m a Melbourne-based photographer.

For me, a photo that raises more questions than gives answers is important. These are photos that require a second look. They stop you in your tracks and make you question what’s going on. These are the sort of photos I look for when I’m out shooting on the street.

One of the joys of street photography is leaving the house one morning with the prospect of coming home with a photo that’s going to be with me forever.

When I work on the street, I like to adhere to the traditional rules of street photography in that the photos should be definitely candid. So that could mean being on a train or a tram and seeing someone looking out the window and positioning yourself so you can take that photo and not impose yourself on their space too much. Or them.

I just love being out on the street and reacting quickly to scenes and situations that come before my camera. It’s as simple as that with me. I don’t leave the house with any preconceived ideas about what or where I’m going to shoot. It’s just, often like a choose your own adventure. You just pack your camera in the morning; it’s always with me. And off I go. And some days I come home with nothing. Other days I come home with pictures that are going to be with me forever. And that’s why I keep shooting. That’s the beauty of it, really.

My most memorable photos, over the 18 years I’ve been shooting street photos, are the pictures where there’s an element of human interaction with the urban environment. Often in humorous situations. And photos that incorporate both of these things are the pictures that I look to take.

The Leica Q gives me the ability to blend in. It’s small, it’s quiet and discreet. To know that when I’m out on the street and be be shooting with a 28mm lens and then 2 minutes later possibly see something down on the footpath that requires being shot with a macro. And the ultra fast autofocus gives you the opportunity to grab those shots that would sometimes be missed. To know that I’ve got those capabilities in the one camera just makes it the perfect tool for the kind of work I want to be shooting.

One of the most important things with street photography is trial and error and just getting out there and shooting. It takes time to build up your own style and find those sort of pictures that using a camera like the Leica Q just gives you that ability to experiment.

Jesse Marlow’s Shots Taken With The Leica Q

The images taken during the video showcase the Leica Q’s richly saturated colors as well as Jesse’s incredible eye for the curiously inevitable. Click any image to enlarge:

All images © Jesse Marlow.

StreetShootr’s Take

Let’s face it, this is Leica propaganda through and through. It’s almost formulaic at this point – show a photographer shooting on the street in slow motion while a contemplative voice-over talks about how Leica gear enables them in special ways. Bla bla bla…

But this being said, it’s In Public’s Jesse Marlow and we all know he’s not relying on any one camera to get his images. If you can look past the obvious sales job it’s nice to see him in action, blending in on the streets as he looks for his next image. His point about looking for subjects that are connected to their environment reveals a lot about his photographic process and allwed me to see his work in a new light.

This one’s definitely worth a couple minutes of your time!

What’s your take on Jesse Marlow’s Leica Q video? Interesting peek into the mind of a master street photographer? Or mindless propaganda for the brand that everyone loves to hate? Post your ideas in the comments below and keep the conversation going!

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