Latest Magnum Square Print Sale Features Images That Changed Everything

Magnum Square Print Sale - Changed Everything

Magnum Photos asked its photographers to reflect on their careers and pick one image that represents a turning point in their lives as image makers. The latest Magnum square print sale features signed images from 50 magnum photographers along with stories describing how each image changed everything. Hit the jump for more info.

Magnum Square Print Sale – #ChangedEverything

Magnum square print sales give you an excellent chance to own an signed image from your favorite Magnum photographer for only $100! Images are printed from digital negatives on 6×6″ Fuji Crystal Archive Matte Paper. These aren’t simple inkjet prints but rather actual chromogenic prints printed on archival paper that is designed to last!

The final list of images will be released on Magnum’s instagram account over the next few days with the hashtag #ChangedEverything. The first few are already up including this image by David Alan Harvey:


(An image that #ChangedEverything from photographer @DavidAlanHarvey. Orders for signed #MAGNUMSquare Prints open June 8th, close June 12th. Shipping anywhere in the world) –> “This photo, which was the cover of my book ‘(based on a true story)’, changed the way I worked forever. After this successful book in 2012, I totally changed my methodology. From that point forward, I focused only on my self-published books. I dropped doing assignments, and simply worked on personal projects and artworks. I never plan a change. Things just happen. I think recognizing when something revolutionary is going on in your creative life is the key. One needs to realize when a turning point is right before your eyes. It’s just like photography itself. Fleeting. Carpe diem. Miss it, and you’ve missed it forever.” — David Alan Harvey

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The Magnum square print sale runs from June 8th to June 12th 2015.

Win A Magnum Square Print For Free!

You can also win your choice from the Magnum square print sale by uploading your own image that changed everything on Instagram with the story behind it and the hashtag #ChangedEverything. Magnum’s own David Alan Harvey will select the winner when the sale launches.

Even if you don’t win you can make David Alan Harvey look at your work for free!

StreetShootr’s Take

I’ve purchased a few prints from previous Magnum square print sales and I can tell you the image quality is top notch. The only issue that some people may have is the relatively small 6×6″ paper size. I find it makes for a more intimate viewing experience and people tend to walk right up to the prints to look at them!

Plus, I’m pretty sure I see an Alex Webb shot at the bottom of the promo image sent out by Magnum to announce the sale. Alex Webb for $100 bucks? Sign me up!

What’s your take on the latest Magnum square print sale? An affordable way to own an image from your favorite Magnum photographer? Or are the prints too small to interest you? Post your ideas in the comments below and keep the conversation going!

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