Man Finds Live Spider In Camera, Keeps On Shooting

spider in camera

I like to think I’m a manly man. I work out. I swear. I spit. You know, manly stuff. And then I saw this picture of a live spider inside the viewfinder of a Sony a7R III. And I imagined looking through that viewfinder and seeing that horrific beast right next to my eyeball. And I ran screaming through the streets! Hit the jump for the full story!

Photographer Discovers Spider In Camera

Photo © Joel Robison

Photographer Joel Robinson is a bigger man than I am. Because when he discovered a gigantic spider living in the viewfinder of his Sony a7R III he just kept on shooting. Me? I once moved out of an apartment because I saw a silverfish.

The story goes that Joel purchased his camera new last August and has done a couple of shoots outdoors but the camera has been in his bag for most of its life. So the question is… How does a GIGANTIC LIVING SPIDER get into a weather sealed camera like the a7R III? One theory is that the eggs were probably already inside the viewfinder when he bought the camera new. The eggs hatched. Yadda yadda yadda. Gigantic spider.

But that means more than one spider likely hatched inside his camera. And this spider was the king of the hill. You know. The one that ATE ALL THE OTHER SPIDERS to survive and grow into the healthy and robust horrifying creature you see before you. So it’s not one a gigantic spider in his viewfinder. it’s a gigantic CANNIBALISTIC SPIDER in his viewfinder.

According to Popular Science this happens a lot with cars and it’s nothing to be feared at all.

F that!


Spider Cam, Spider Cam. Does Whatever A Spider Can.

Joel isn’t completely freaked out by this beast next to his eyeball. He reports a “slight blur when looking through the viewfinder,” but it’s not the end of the world.

Joel has reached out to Sony for help with the situation. And considering the a7R III is supposed to be weather sealed you have to think the camera shipped from the factory containing the eggs that gave birth to this monstrosity. Not sure how that can happen in the clean room environments where these cameras are assembled but here’s hoping Sony does the right thing and repairs or replaces the camera in question.

If all else fails, Joel could try to sell the camera to Alex Webb.

Because… Webb?

See what I did there?

What’s would you do if you found a spider living in your camera? Would you just keep on shooting? Or would you throw that thing off the nearest cliff and move to another country? Post your ideas in the comments below and keep the conversation going!

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