Rumor: Sony A7 Pro Full Frame Mirrorless Camera Coming?

Sony To Introduce Pro Full Frame Mirrorless Camera

There’s been a lot of Sony buzz lately with a number of pro photographers publically announcing their switch to Sony A7 cameras. So when reported that Sony is planning to launch a pro version of their popular full frame mirrorless cameras we were all ears! Hit the jump for more info.

Sony A7 Pro Full Frame Mirrorless Camera

Sony A7 Body

According to the prying eyes at, Sony is working on an all new Alpha pro full frame mirrorless camera that accepts E-Mount lenses. The new camera is slated for release at the CP+ show in February.

The news comes on the heels of a few highly publicized pro photographers discussing why they switched from Canon or Nikon DSLRs to the Sony A7 system so it’s at least plausible that a beefed up A7 is in the works. Adding to the speculation is the fact that Sony recently released a pro support service similar to Canon’s Professional Services and it makes sense that more pro gear is in the pipeline. Here’s what the rumor mill says so far:

  1. First of a complete new generation of interchangeable Full Frame E-mount camera(s). All new tech and usability!
  2. Complete new sensors with a boost in image quality. Details are thin at this point but it looks like a high-megapixel sensor similar to the A7r is likely.
  3. Will use the same advanced auto-focus system as the A6000.
  4. Unlike current consumer level A7 series, the new camera is designed as a pro camera from the start. Will challenge the usability and image quality best DSLRs on the market (think Nikon D810 or Canon 5DmarkIII).

StreetShootr’s Take

It seems fairly reasonable that Sony would capitalize on the success of the A7 mirrorless system with a pro camera and the recent launch of their Pro Support Services shows they’re paying attention to the needs of the pro market. But whether this new camera will adopt the form factor of a small but durable A7 (Sony A7 Pro?) or a bulkier DSLR (without the SLR) is unclear. You have to think that Sony is listening to their customers and has paid attention to the fact that the A7 series is their first real success with digital cameras since taking over the Minolta brand in 2006.

The A7 was an almost instant hit with street photographers for its small size and excellent image quality from its full frame sensor. The fact that you could add Leica glass to the system meant that a lot of street photographers dreams were realized in a small and reasonably affordable package. The only downside the the existing A7 cameras (in my opinion) was the fact that they weren’t designed to be used by pro photographers.

Get rid of the menus, unlabelled wheels and somewhat flimsy construction and come up with a product that has a real shutter speed dial along with increases in speed, performance and durability and you’ve got something to talk about. Give it a larger pro-quality viewfinder (even if it’s an EVF!) and a larger battery and even the mighty Canon will sit up and take notice. Throw in even a bit of the high ISO capability of the A7s and you can forget about it!

Mirrorless cameras seem like they’re here to stay. Sony got pretty damn close to perfect with the A7/A7r/A7s and the idea of a Sony A7 Pro sounds like another step in the right direction!

What’s your take on the idea of a pro quality mirrorless camera from Sony? Are the current A7 cameras good enough or would a few pro features be the icing on the cake? Post your ideas in the comments below and keep the conversation going!

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