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Johan Jehlbo Interview: Shooting Flash And Dealing With The Consequences

Johan Jehlbo Flash Street Photography

Flash street photography is as devisive as it is engaging. Many street photographers think that “flashing” people on the street is invasive and confrontational but Johan Jehlbo and the Full Frontal (Flash) Collective aim to change that perception. They sidestep Gilden’s in-your-face style of shooting for a quieter approach that uses artificial light to reinforce their vision of the world. I sat down with Johan to talk about shooting flash and dealing with the consequences. Hit the jump for the interview!

Tyler Simpson (A Common Thief) Joins Full Frontal (Flash) Collective

Tyler Simpson (A Common Thief) Joins Full Frontal (Flash) Collective

The Full Frontal (Flash) Collective has a new website and a brand new member, Tyler Simpson (A Common Thief on Flickr). Full Frontal (Flash) includes some of the best flash street photographers on the planet and Tyler’s brooding, monumental style is a natural fit for the group. Hit the jump for more info!

Flash The Animals By Full Frontal (Flash)

Flash The Animals - Full Frontal Flash - Conor Beary

Nobody said street photography had to be limited to pictures of people walking down the street and the Flash The Animals slideshow from the Full Frontal (Flash) Collective proves it! They turned their cameras (and their flashes) on some furry critters and the collective’s epic use of flash pulls the animals out of time and portrays them as ethereal guardians of the spaces in which they dwell. Hit the jump to watch this excellent slideshow!

Full Frontal Flash Slideshow At Photo Bangkok

Full Frontal Flash Slideshow At Photo Bangkok

Photo Bangkok is an international photography festival that showcases a wide array of photography exhibitions and public installations with large scale slideshow projection. The Full Frontal Flash Collective’s slideshow features cutting edge street photography shot with flash and it’s a great introduction the their work. Hit the jump to watch the slideshow!

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