Tyler Simpson (A Common Thief) Joins Full Frontal (Flash) Collective

Tyler Simpson (A Common Thief) Joins Full Frontal (Flash) Collective

Photo © Tyler Simpson (A Common Thief)

The Full Frontal (Flash) Collective has a new website and a brand new member, Tyler Simpson (A Common Thief on Flickr). Full Frontal (Flash) includes some of the best flash street photographers on the planet and Tyler’s brooding, monumental style is a natural fit for the group. Hit the jump for more info!

Tyler Simpson (A Common Thief) Joins Full Frontal (Flash)

Tyler Simpson (A Common Thief) Joins Full Frontal (Flash) Collective

Photo © Tyler Simpson (A Common Thief)

Tyler’s a bit of a phenom on Flickr these days, bursting onto the scene with a distinctive style that quickly established “A Common Thief” as a name that street photographers recognized and admired. His use of flash is never presumptive but instead elevates his subjects and contributes to the telling of their simple stories. His precise control of the medium creates beautifully crafted and dynamic statements of a world that’s both surreal and familiar.

Best of Show


#22 R0047361


He came out of nowhere and all of a sudden he was posting photos on Flickr and got in to some great Flickr groups so it was impossible to miss him. We all discussed it and decided his style was a great fit for the collective. — Johan Jehlbo, Full Frontal (Flash)

Full Frontal (Flash) has an interview with Tyler Simpson (A Common Thief) on their all-new website (which looks great!) He talks about his influences and why he’s driven to make photographs more than anything in his life. Do yourself a favor and take a couple minutes to read this one!

Tyler Simpson (A Common Thief) Interview.

Check out more work from Tyler Simpson (A Common Thief) online at:

Tyler Simpson on Flickr.
Tyler Simpson on Full Frontal (Flash).

Full Frontal (Flash) is an international collective of street photographers who share a common passion for shooting flash. They can be found online at:

Full Frontal (Flash) Website.
Full Frontal (Flash) on Facebook.

StreetShootr’s Take

Flash street photography is as divisive as it is challenging and not everyone is going to approve. Some feel it’s too invasive while others are drawn to the other-worldy quality that only flash can produce. However you see it, Full Frontal (Flash) has some of the best flash shooters going and it’s great to see them grow their ranks with one of the hottest new flash shooters out there.

Tyler Simpson’s street photography journey has only just begun but becomeing a member of Full Frontal Flash will certainly help sharpen his skills and challenge his vision. Something tells me A Common Thief is a name that we’ll be hearing a lot in the years to come!

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