Jack Simon

Interview: Jack Simon On Finding Images And Shooting The Street

Jack Simon Interview Street Photography

Jack Simon is a member of the Burn My Eye Collective and his quirky timing and wonderous sense of composition have established him as one of the top street photographers working today. We talked about everything from gear to his influences and finding inspiration on the street. Hit the jump for the interview!

Flickr Find: Untitled By Jack Simon

Untitled By Jack Simon On Flickr

A wide open plaza populated by a few lone figures placed perfectly in the distance as a solitary bubble frames a statue subtly, like a whisper. The slightly askew horizon conjurs visions of an image created in an instant without planning. Reaction and instinct taking control. Jack Simon’s latest images were shot during a vacation to Rome and the work lives up to the standard he’s created for himself. Hit the jump for more from this modern master.

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