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Fuji X100F In Havana – The Perfect Street Photography Camera?

Fuji X100F Street Photography Review - Intro

Street photographers have been anticipating a new X100 for months and the Fuji X100F is finally here! I took this excellent little camera to Havana for a week of street photography and I was impressed every step of the way. It’s small, responsive and the image quality is out of this world. Hit the jump for my full Fuji X100F street photography review!

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Fuji X100T Street Photography Review – There’s A Lot To Like

Fuji X100T Street Photography Review

Few cameras have inspired photographers as much as Fuji’s venerable X100 line of cameras. Street photographers are attracted to these cameras for their retro good looks and quiet operation but is that all they have to offer? Our Fuji X100T street photography review takes this excellent little camera for a spin to see how it performs on the street. Hit the jump for the full review!

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Fuji Guys Preview Fuji X100T Hybrid Viewfinder Modes

Fuji X100T Hybrid Viewfinder

The Fuji Guys preview the new Fuji X100T hybrid viewfinder modes including a through-the-viewfinder look at the new Electronic Range Finder (ERF) with focus overlay in the bottom corner. A cool solution to verify focus when using the optical viewfinder! Hit the jump for the full video.

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Fuji X100T Officially Announced

Fuji X100T

The rumors were true and the Fuji X100T was officially announced today. The third generation X100 camera features many incremental improvements that speak directly to the needs of street photographers. Hit the jump for the complete rundown on this exciting new camera!

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Is This The New Fuji X100T?


The Fuji X100T appears to have leaked ahead of the company’s official announcement later this week. Two images show what appear to be a black and silver version of Fuji’s follow-up to last year’s wildly successful X100S. Will the new camera meet your expectations? Hit the jump for more info!

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