VSCO Tri-X Preset Now Free In VSCO Film 00 Starter Pack

VSCO Tri-X Preset

The VSCO Tri-X preset is widely regarded as one of the best ways to simulate the classic Kodak black and white film and now it’s free! Visual Supply Co. is giving away their two most popular presets (Tri-X and Kodak Gold 100) in the new VSCO Film 00 Starter Pack. Did I mention it’s free? Hit the jump for more info.

VSCO Tri-X Preset Now Free

The VSCO Film 00 Starter Pack includes two of the company’s most popular film presets, Tri-X and Kodak Gold 100. But the VSCO Tri-X preset is of particular interest to street shooters looking for that classic monochrom(e) look.

Unlike other film simulation presets, the VSCO Tri-X preset uses camera specific profiles to match the final look across multiple camera brands. It’s just about as good as you’re going to get without going to an expensive standalone program like Silver Efex Pro.

Here’s some sample pics (click to enlarge):

Out of camera:

VSCO Tri-X Preset

VSCO Tri-X Preset:

VSCO Tri-X Preset

Silver Efex Pro:

Silver Efex Pro Tri-X Simulation

Silver Efex Pro has a slight edge to my eye but it’s a very subtle differece. The good thing about the VSCO Tri-X preset is that it’s non-destructive and you’re free to tinker with the image before and after applying it. It’s not hard to get the look you’re after.

StreetShootr’s Take

Listen, the best way to get the look of film is to just shoot film! The VSCO Tri-X preset may not be a perfect match but it gets pretty damn close for digital shooters. And did I mention it’s free? Get over there and download it already!

What’s your take on the VSCO Tri-X preset? Can’t argue with free? Or would you rather just buy a roll of Tri-X and be done it it? Post your ideas in the comments below and keep the conversation going!

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