Flickr Find: Toronto 1 By Gustav Gräll

Splashes of vibrant red draw your eye across the scene as a boy on a leash leads his father on a chase to capture an unimpressed seagull. A simple moment filled with dynamic energy and humor photographed near the CN Tower in Toronto, Canada. Hit the jump for more.

Gustav Gräll Street Photography

Toronto 1
Photo © Gustav Gräll – View On Flickr

I met Gustav Gräll at the recent Eric Kim street photography workshop in Toronto and his an eye for the unusual and humorous in everyday life stood out immediately. His images seem to breathe with their own stories – almost like overhearing a fragment of a conversation as you walk down the sidewalk. He’s definitely a street shooter to watch!

I asked Gustav a few questions about his work:

StreetShootr: Hi gustav, can you tell us a little about yourself?

Gustav Gräll: My name is Gustav Gräll and I’m born 1984 in Gävle, Sweden. I started to take photos after high school. I moved to London 10 years ago and that’s when I discovered street photography. I become a big fan of in-Public and when I came back to Sweden I had my first exhibition and started to study photography.

For street photography I am using my Canon EOS 5D Mark III and 24-70.

SS: I understand you work as a professional photographer – how is that influence your street photography?

GG: In my work as a photographer I do a lot of portraits. Mostly just straight ahead. It’s fun to find beautiful light and perfect backgrounds. But in street I’m searching for something more. Always looking for some stories and patterns. For me street is very important because it’s all documentary and very different from my typical work.

SS: Tell me about the seagull shot. How did that scene come together for you? Did you work the scene or just get one shot at it? Did they notice you taking their picture?

GG: I like to visit typical tourist-spots and I try to predict when something is going to be a good photo. I saw some seagulls close to the CN-Tower, so I just waited and suddenly a little boy started to follow the bird. So I just started to take a lot of pictures. I don’t think he noticed me.

SS: We met at the eric kim workshop in toronto. What do you remember most about the workshop? Was there one take away point that’s going to stick with you?

GG: First of all, I really loved Toronto. I think it’s a perfect city for street photos. I really enjoyed Chinatown, your tall buildings and people are very kind. In the workshop I learned some things that I’m always going to remember. Eric Kim told me that I should think bigger. I thinks it’s a great advice. I think my ego got a really big boost. I know I really need to work harder now.

SS: How can people see more of your work?

GG: You can see my streetphotos at or my regular photos at @gustavgrall on instagram.

What’s your take on Gustav Gräll’s shot? Is the dynamic energy and spartan use of color enough to hold your attention? Or does the humorous storytelling capture your imagination?? Post your ideas in the comments below and keep the conversation going!

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