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Blake Andrews Interview: Shoot First, Ask Questions Later

Blake Andrews Interview In Public

Photo © Blake Andrews

In Public’s Blake Andrews is an outspoken street photographer and blogger based in Eugene Oregon. He shoots mostly black and white film and while his work fits within a broad definition of street photography, he sees himself as a photographer first. Looking for images wherever they can be found. I sat down with Blake to talk about the process of finding images and making photographs. Hit the jump to read the interview!

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Chris Farling Interview: The Importance Of Critique And Improvisation In Street Photography

Observe's Chris Farling Interview

Photo © Chris Farling

Chris Farling is a founding member of the Observe Collective and his perspective on street photography is informed by his experience as a jazz musician as well as the countless hours spent on the street. I had the pleasure to talk with Chris from his home in Brooklyn, New York and I found him to be a personable and well spoken advocate for our elusive art. Hit the jump for the full interview!

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Interview: Eric Kim On Life, Happiness And Street Photography

Eric Kim Street Photography

He’s only 27 years old, but Eric Kim has already established a reputation as one of the most influential street photographers in the world. His blog is one of the most popular photography websites on the net and his popular street photography workshops bring the elusive art to people from all walks of life. I sat down with Eric to talk about where he’s been, where he’s going and street photography in general. Hit the jump for the interview.

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Video: Eric Kim Ambush Interviewed Me Last Night!

Eric Kim Ambush Interview With Karl Edwards

You know how it goes… you’re talking to Eric Kim when all of a sudden he clicks a button and says “What’s up streettogs? It’s Eric Kim from the Eric Kim street photography blog…” and you realize you’re being interviewed! We ended up chatting for about an hour about all kinds of things street photography and Eric posted the video on his YouTube channel this morning. Hit the jump to catch the whole conversation.

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Street Zen: A Conversation With Street Photographer Rinzi Ruiz

Rinzi Ruiz Street Photography

Photo © Rinzi Ruiz

He’s one of the most prolific street photographers working today and his trademark black and white style is instantly recognizable. Rinzi Ruiz makes the streets of downtown Los Angeles his canvas as he elevates the ordinary moments of passers-by into monuments of style and grace. I sat down with Rinzi to discuss his photographic journey and what it means to be a street photographer. Hit the jump for the full interview!

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Street Shooting Show At The Los Angeles Center Of Photography (LACP)

Hali Helfgott Street Photography

Photo © Hali Helfgott

The Street Shooting show at the Los Angeles Center Of Photography (LACP) features 38 images from some of the best emerging talent in street photography from around the world. I sat down with the center’s founder, Julia Dean to talk about the show and how the LACP supports street photographers in general. Hit the jump for the full interview!

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Video: Weegee Talks About News Photography

Weegee What It Means To Be A News Photographer

Credit Photo Weegee The Famous

Weegee was well known for his gritty yet compassionate images of the aftermath of New York street crimes and disasters. In a rare 1958 interview Arthur Fellig (Weegee’s real name) talks about getting the shot and gives advice to anyone wanting to become a news photographer. Full interview after the jump.

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