Video: Eric Kim Ambush Interviewed Me Last Night!

Eric Kim Ambush Interview With Karl Edwards

You know how it goes… you’re talking to Eric Kim when all of a sudden he clicks a button and says “What’s up streettogs? It’s Eric Kim from the Eric Kim street photography blog…” and you realize you’re being interviewed! We ended up chatting for about an hour about all kinds of things street photography and Eric posted the video on his YouTube channel this morning. Hit the jump to catch the whole conversation.

Eric Kim Ambush Interviews Karl Edwards From StreetShootr

I’ve known Eric Kim for a couple of years now and in that time we’ve become really good friends. Whenever we get the chance we hang out and chat about all kinds of things but mostly we talk about street photography. Because we are street photography nerds. Well, I am at least. But Eric sure looks like a street photography nerd. That’s all I’m saying!

I was talking to Eric Kim on Skype last night to clarify a couple of points on an interview we did for StreetShootr. At one point he decided it was time to spring another ambush interview on me just like the Provincetown interview from last fall. The format is loose and informal and I enjoyed every minute of it. After all I got to talk about myself the whole time!

It’s a candid and honest discussion as two friends talk about street photography and compare notes on shooting styles and how to get over the little obstacles that all street photographers face. Hint – carry a harmonica at all times!

Here’s a few photographers that are worth checking out on the Flickr:

And a few photobooks worth checking out:

All in all it was a great experience talking to Eric last night. Watch for the StreetShootr interview with Eric in the next week or so…

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