Interview With Junku Nishimura

So my advice is get a small cheap dirty appartment, live by yourself and get to know the street. I think real street photographers have same intuition as pimp or who have been working on the street for a long time. I am not. You know I left the street and went back to my home village. Since then my street photography really sucks! Haha! Don’t let your life get stable, youngsters! — Junku Nishimura

Alec Soth Goes Undercover In Rural Georgia To Find Unusual Stories Of Real People

Alex Soth LBM Dispatch Georgia

Magnum photographer Alec Soth and Brad Zellar have spent the last 3 years documenting the backroads of rural America while posing as reporters for a fictitious newspaper. The project eventually evolved into an actual publication called the LBM Dispatch and the latest edition focusses on Georgia. Hit the jump for more details on this ambitious project.

Take It Or Leave It With Bruce Gilden Looks At Street Photography

Bruce Gilden Critiques Street Photography

Take It Or Leave It With Bruce Gilden is a photo-critique series where Bruce tells up-and-coming photographers if their work is any good or total crap. The second episode looks at a bunch of street photography and Bruce actually liked a couple of the shots this time around! Hit the jump for the video.

Move Over Vivian Maier – Google Is The Next Great Street Photographer!

Google Street View Jon Rafman

Long before John Maloof stumbled upon Vivaian Maier’s negatives in a storage locker, an army of Google Street View cars were busy photographing and mapping every road in the world. After millions of miles, these automatic sentries were bound to capture a few interesting images and Canadian artist Jon Rafman has been collecting the best of them since 2009. Is Google the next great street photographer? Hit the jump to find out.

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