Eric Kim Interviews Karl Edwards

Eric Kim Interview With Karl Edwards

Eric Kim and I are both attending the Magnum Days workshops in Provincetown. We were out shooting in the early morning yesterday and he pulled out his camera and started to interview me on Commercial Street. Hit the jump for the full video.

Eric Kim Interview

Eric and I have been waking up before sunrise and shooting the early morning streets all week. Yesterday we ended up talking about photography more than shooting and he surprised me by pulling out his cam and starting the video interview on the spot. Some of us get no warning before an Eric Kim interview begins!

The interview was interesting – Eric really knows how to keep the conversation going. We talked about gear and in particular why I shoot with a Leica M-E. Zone focussing and why I started You get the idea from the video that the two of us get along very well and the conversation flows easily from one topic to the next. The video is an honest representation of our friendship and the kinds of discussions we have every time we meet..

He’s a great guy, and I really appreciate him taking the time to talk to me on video.

#PTogs baby!!

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