Leica M 240 Price Increase – U.S. Customers To Pay $200 More Starting February 1, 2015?

$750 Leica Rebate Extended To 03/31/15

Leica Rumors is reporting a $200 Leica M 240 price increase starting February 1, 2015. The increase kicks in as the current $750 rebate expires making the effective price $950 higher. If you’re in the market for Leica’s flagship rangefinder then now is the time to make your move! Hit the jump for more info.

Leica M 240 Price Increase

The U.S. Leica M 240 Price increase comes on the heels of a similar increase for the EU market and starting February 1, 2015, the price of the Leica M 240 will go up by $200 to $7,450! The current $750 discount on the M 240 is calculated on the old $7,250 price and is valid till the end of January, 2015.

Many U.S. retailers are reporting the Leica M 240 as out of stock but you can check availability at your favorite retailer:

The current $250 Leica lens rebate is also available until the end of January.

Update 01-11-14: LeicaRumors is now reporting that the Leica M 240 price increase has been cancelled and the price will return to it’s normal price of $7250 once the current $750 rebate expires at the end of January, 2015. From my perspective the current rebate puts the M 240 price about where it should have been all along so we’ll have to see what Leica does in the long run.

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