Welcome To StreetShootr.com

Photo By Kile Brewer

Allow me to introduce myself. I’m Karl Edwards and I’m the founder and editor in chief of StreetShootr.com. I’m passionate about street photography and I created this website to share this passion with the street photography community. StreetShootr.com features news reviews and inspiration by street photographers for street photographers and you’re an important part of the conversation. Hit the jump for more info!

Welcome To StreetShootr – A New Site For Street Photographers

My professional work involves video production but I’ve been taking pictures as long as I can remember and my heart has always been on the street. I became serious about street photography a couple of years back and I made a commitment to myself at that time to devote every part of my life to the creation of images and street photography in general.

There are a few websites that feature general photography news and reviews but I didn’t see a site created specifically for street photographers. Not just talking about street photography but providing relevant information that street photographers can use every day.

StreetShootr fills that need and you can look forward to photography news that’s specific to street photography, reviews of street photography gear and special features covering a wide variety of topics related to street photography. We’ve just launched and there’s we’ve got a lot of growing to do but we’re on the map and we’re moving forward every day!

My Friend Eric Kim

I’d like to take this opportunity to thank my friend Eric Kim for the tweet introducing StreetShootr.com to his many followers. I’d also like to welcome all the new viewers to the site sincerely thank you for dropping by. This site is a community and you’re an important part of the conversation here. Have a look around, post some comments and know you’re welcome here!

Thanks again, Eric! I’m looking forward to making this site an excellent resource for street photographers around the world!

Karl Edwards
Founder, Editor In Chief

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