Video: The History Of Photography In 5 Minutes (And 12 Seconds)

History Of Photography In 5 Minutes

It’s time to get your learnin’ on with The History Of Photography In 5 minutes (and 12 seconds). The upbeat video traces the development of photography from Daguerrotypes to the Leica I and all the way to modern smart phones that let people instantly share images of their delicious breakfasts with the whole wide world. Hit the jump to watch the video!

Video: Joe Aguirre On Photography And Finding Meaning

Joe Aguirre Ether

San Francisco based photographer Joe Aguirre is known for his passionate images that span the gap between street and documentary photography. This beautifully shot video follows Joe to Denmark where he was shooting for his upcoming book, Ether. He talks about photography and how he creates meaning by finding the connection between himself and his subjects. Hit the jump to watch the video!

Video: The Boy With A Camera For A Face

So you were born with a camera instead of a head. And you can’t help recording everything you see. And you get a reality show of your life as it happens. And anyone who watches your show becomes a television zombie and can’t leave their house. And the only way to save the world is to electrocute yourself in the bathtub while watching reruns of your own birth. It’s what you get when you’re the boy with a camera for a face! Hit the jump to watch the video.

Video: David Alan Harvey On Inspiration And The Fuji X Pro2

David Alan Harvey Fuji X Pro2

Magnum photographer David Alan Harvey talks about his lifelong relationship with photography as he shoots in Puerto Rico with a brand spanking new Fuji X Pro2. He’s one of the greatest documentary photographers working today and while he doesn’t say anything specifically about the new flagship Fuji camera you can’t help but be inspired by his words. Hit the jump to watch the video!

New Photobook: All That Life Can Afford By Matt Stuart

All That Life Can Afford by Matt Stuart

Matt Stuart’s witty vision and keen sense of timing have made him one of the strongest voices in modern street photography. The iN-Public member’s work has been exhibited around the world and his first photobook is finally available for pre-order. We asked Matt a few questions about the process of making his first photobook and how it influenced his work. Hit the jump for the interview!

StreetShootr’s List Of Lists Of Best Photobooks 2015

StreetShootr's List Of Lists Of The Best Photobooks 2015

Photobooks continue to be a source of inspiration for street photographers around the globe and as the new year approaches it’s time for our annual list of lists of the best photo books 2015. If there’s any money left after Xmas then it’s time to treat yourself to one of the year’s best! Hit the jump for StreetShootr’s list of list of best photobooks 2015!

Flash The Animals By Full Frontal (Flash)

Flash The Animals - Full Frontal Flash - Conor Beary

Nobody said street photography had to be limited to pictures of people walking down the street and the Flash The Animals slideshow from the Full Frontal (Flash) Collective proves it! They turned their cameras (and their flashes) on some furry critters and the collective’s epic use of flash pulls the animals out of time and portrays them as ethereal guardians of the spaces in which they dwell. Hit the jump to watch this excellent slideshow!

2015 Miami Street Photography Festival Winners Announced

2015 Miami Street Photography Festival Winners

The winners for the 2015 Miami Street Photography Festival have been announced and this year’s grand prize goes to Swapnil Jedhe for his masterfully layered shot of kids at play. Swapnil goes home with a brand new Leica Q and a bunch of other prizes in addition to the pride of winning the most respected street photography contest on the planet. Hit the jump for more info on all of this year’s winners!

Magnum Contact Sheets Print Sale – Half Off Until December 1, 2015

Magnum Contact Sheets Sale

The first ever Magnum Contact Sheets Print Sale to benefit the Red Cross features work from 13 of the agency’s most iconic photographers. 16×20″ giclĂ©e prints of each contact sheet are stamped with artist copyright the back and for a limited time are being sold for half off. Hit the jump for more info!

Blake Andrews Interview: Shoot First, Ask Questions Later

Blake Andrews Interview In Public

In Public’s Blake Andrews is an outspoken street photographer and blogger based in Eugene Oregon. He shoots mostly black and white film and while his work fits within a broad definition of street photography, he sees himself as a photographer first. Looking for images wherever they can be found. I sat down with Blake to talk about the process of finding images and making photographs. Hit the jump to read the interview!

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