Fuji X100F Manual Focus Reset Fixed (Finally!)

Fuji X100F Manual Focus Reset Fixed

The Fuji X100 series of cameras have been a favorite of street photographers since day one. And the latest Fuji X100F is a stellar little shooter but whenever the camera powered down the manual focus distance reset to 2 meters which made manual focus shooters (like me) a little crazy. The latest firmware fixd the Fuji X100F manual focus reset and all is right in the world. Hit the jump for all the details!

Fuji X100F Manual Focus Reset Fixed

Fuji X100F Manual Focus Fixed

Firmware 1.01 fixes the Fuji X100F manual focus reset issue and makes this little monkey one step closer to being the perfect street photography camera. If you have a Fuji X100F go and get the firmare. Go and get it right now:

Download Fuji X100F Firmware 1.01

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If you’re not familiar with the Fuji X100F then check out my Fuji X100F review to see wha this wonderful little camera is all about!

What Was The Fuji X100F Manual Focus Problem?

Fuji X100F Street Photography Review Sample 11
Photo © Karl Edwards – Click To Enlarge

All previous versions of the X100 series have maintained the focus distance when the camera was powered off or entered sleep mode. This let street photographers (like myself) use the camera as a hyperfocal shooter. Set the focus point to the hyperfocal distance of the lens at a given aperture and shoot with the confidence that just about everything will be in focus all the time.

I’m an f8 kind of guy so I set the focus to 12.5 feet and everything from about 7 feet to infinity will be in focus. It’s a variation on the zone focus technique that Leica shooters have been using for over half a century.

The front element of the 23mm f/2 lens moves forward and back when you focus. Previous models of the Fuji X100 would remember your focus position after a power down making it possible for the lens to collide with the lens cap when the camera is powered on. When this happened, the camera would throw an error and you’d have to remove the lens cap and restart the camera.

Of course, most of us manual focus shooters use a filter adapter and a clear filter instead of that useless lens cap so this error never came up.

For some reason Fuji decided to protect the AF motor and force the Fuji X100F to reset the focus distance to 2 meters (or around 7 feet) whenever the camera powers down or enters sleep mode.

This means every time the camera powers up your focus point is in the wrong spot. WHAT THE H??

I originally thought this was a bug but I was informed by my contact at Fuji that this change was introduced by Fuji Japan as a way to prevent the lens cap error from being displayed. And change the fundamental way this camera operates!

Fuji has a long history of listening to its customers and this firmware update affirms this fact. I couldn’t understand why they made this change in the first place but all is forgiven now that Fuji fixed the F!

StreetShootr’s Take

Check out my Havana review and it’s pretty clear how I feel about this little camera. From the form factor to the almost 3d quality of the images it produces, the Fuji X100F is a great little shooter!

I’ve been an X100T shooter for a couple years and the only reason I didn’t get a Fuji X100F was the manual focus issue. And now that they’ve fixed that issue? Well, I’m getting an X100F.

Like this afternoon.

What’s your take on the Fuji X100F manual focus fix? Was this the last thing holding you back from grabbing an X100F? Or do you shoot auto focus and never noticed the problem in the first place? Post your ideas in the comments below and keep the conversation going!

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