Magnum Square Print Sale – Signed Magnum Prints For $100 Bucks!

Magnum Square Print Sale

Magnum photographers were asked to dig deep into their archives to find their favorite single image that was unpublished or unnoticed until now. These images are being sold as part of the #ArchiveDive Magnum square print sale where you can own a signed print from your favorite Magnum photographer for a measly $100 bucks! Hit the jump for more info.

Magnum Square Print Sale #ArchiveDive

The Magnum Square Print Sale features 5×5 inch prints from your favorite Magnum photographers for the low price of $100. The prints are printed on archival paper and signed on the back so you know you’re getting the real deal.

I purchased an image from Costa Manos and another from Martin Parr at last Magnum square print sale and I can confirm these are SMALL prints – especially if the image was not shot with a square aspect ratio. But what they lack in size they make up in quality – beautiful little prints that look great framed.

These little prints would make excellent X-Mas presents if you’re feeling generous or you can just grab a couple for yourself and be done with it!

The final list of images will be released on Magnum’s instagram account this week with the hashtag #ArchiveDive. The first image by Richard Kalvar was released today:

A photo posted by Magnum Photos (@magnumphotos) on

With the following description:

“At a car wash in the suburbs of Paris, I saw this poor woman locked in a car, just as the giant rollers were about to swallow the vehicle. She looked familiar; she was, in fact, my wife. I could never put this picture with my personal work, because there was a certain complicity between me and the subject. To maintain my credibility, my photos must be ‘found,’ which wasn’t quite the case here, so the picture has remained lonely and neglected. But I like it anyway.” -Richard Kalvar #MAGNUMSquare #ArchiveDive

Looks like new images will be creeping out daily between now and November 10 so check out Magnum Photos on Instagram or Twitter to see what’s in store.

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