Observe Collective Slide Show From The Miami Street Photography Festival

Observe Collective David Horton

Observe was the featured collective at this year’s Miami Street Photography Festival and members Chris Farling and Danielle Houghton were judges for the photo competition. The Observe Collective slide show was released as part of the festival and it’s a great introduction to this excellent group of street photographers. Hit the jump for the video.

Observe Collective Slide Show

The Observe Collective describes itself as a group of like minded men and women focussed primarily on candid street photography. Their members span the globe and are united by a fascination with doucmenting the spontaneous and diverse humanity and that surrounds them. These are, without question, some of the best street photographers on the planet.

Although their shared interest in street photography brought them together, they are not limited by one type of photographic endeavor. The members explore various genres and methods of photography as they attempt to inspire each other and capture the attention of the viewing public with experimentation and a clearly defined passion for the medium.

Observe Collective Logo

The Observe Collective photographers are:

The Observe Collective website features full size images from each of its members as well as an informative street photography blog.

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