Observe Collective Under Construction Winners

Obersve Collective Under Construction Winners

The Observe Collective Under Construction winnders have been announced with Jo Wallace, Kimberly Britt Saros, and Toronto’s own Ryan Tacay sharing €1000 in prize money along with the prestige of being named the best. The winners and all the images in the shortlist are being exhibited as part of the first every Observe Collective group show in Germany. Hit the jump for more info.

Observe Collective Under Construction Winners

The Observe Collective Under Construction winners were announced during the opening of the first ever Observe show in Iserlohn, Germany.

Jo Wallace of England for took first place and received a cash prize of €500. Congratulations also go to Kimberly Britt Saros of the USA in Second Place (€300) and Ryan Tacay of Canada in Third Place (€200). The winners plus all of the excellent images in the Under Construction shortlist are part of the Observe exhibition in Germany.

Here’s the top three images:

Jo Wallace

Winner Under Construction Observe Contest

Large fields of orange and black contain the multiple subjects in the frame but a closer look reveals that face inside the hand hole. An unexpected revelation that’s the perfect cherry on the top of the sundae! It’s a beautiful and serendipitous shot that’s definitely worthy of first place!

Kimberly Britt Saros


A dog handler puts some finishing touches on her prize winning poodel amid the tattered chaos of the dog show’s prep area. Her hunched shouders and tenous posture are the perfect compliment to the dog’s reluctant stance and unfinished beauty. Nicely seen and sensitively captured!

Ryan Tacay

Phraction_Street Street Photography
Image © Phraction_Street – View On Flickr

Toronto’s own Phraction_Street (Ryan Tacay) takes third place with this amazing shot from the corner of Bay and Queen. I’ve shot this corner hundreds of times and never imagined a shot like this. Beautifully executed and a shot to remember. Well done, Ryan!

StreetShootr’s Take

Street Photography contests are always difficult to digest. Ultimately, the winners come down to the personal preferences of the judges and don’t necessarily represent “the best” images in the group. But I have to say I agree with the judges this time around.

Overall I think the shortlist and the winners are an excellent representation of street photography at the moment. Kudos to Observe Collective for an excellent and well run contest. And again for their first ever group show in Germany!

What’s your take on the winners of the Observe Collective Under Construction winners? Did the judges get it right miss the mark? Post your ideas in the comments below and keep the conversation going!

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