ONA Bowery For Leica Is Just A Regular Bowery With A Red Dot On It

ONA Bowery Bag For Leica

The ONA Bowery for Leica is a special edition of the company’s smallish but extremely popular leather camera bag. But this time they’ve dolled it up for Leica lovers with a red dot on the front and a fiery Leica red interior. Because it’s what’s inside that counts! Hit the jump for more info.

ONA Bowery For Leica – It’s What’s Inside That Counts

ONA Bowery For Leica

The ONA Bowery for Leica was created to cash in on celebrate Leica’s ongoing commitment to crafting exceptional products for photographers and is designed to fit any Leica M, Q, T, X or SL series of camera. The special edition bag features a special red dot on the front of the bag in combination with a Leica red interior but is otherwise identical to the company’s standard leather Bowery Bag (Antique Cognac).

ONA Bowery For Leica
ONA Bowery For Leica
ONA Bowery For Leica

Yup, it’s just a regular Bowery with a red dot on it. It retails for $279 USD so you’re paying $30 more than the non-Leica version for the red dot and flashy red interior. If that’s your thing then you can order the bag online from the Leica Store Miami:

Or you can save $30 bucks and grab the regular leather ONA Bowery (Antique Cognac) at your favorite online retailer:

StreetShootr’s Take

The Berlin Messenger Bag was ONA’s first limited Leica edition bag and it sold out in milliseconds. The company released a production version of that bag and it remains popular to this day so it makes sense that a Bowery version would eventually be released.

The bag is big enough for a camera and one lens along with a few doodads to get you through the day. But even though it’s a small bag it’s well constructed and offers a resonable amount of protection from the bumps and dings of shooting on the street. Of course throwing a red dot on a bag doesn’t make the bag better. But it’s a subtle style cue that some people might enjoy so if that’s your thing then grab one.

Me, I think I like the regular Bowery just fine.

What’s your take on the ONA Bowery for Leica? Foolish decoration on a bag that’s too small? Or a subtle style cue that strikes the right chord? Post your ideas in the comments below and keep the conversation going!

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