Partial Leica M-P Upgrade Coming For Existing M 240 Owners?

Leica Rumors is reporting that Leica will allow existing M 240 owners to partially upgrade their cameras to M-P. While the upgrade stops at the cosmetic looks and does not include the larger buffer or frame selector switch it is welcome news for existing M 240 owners who want the stealthy look of the Leica M-P without buying an all-new camera. More info after the jump.

Leica M-P Upgrade Program

Many owners of the M 240 would like to upgrade their existing bodies to the new style M-P (just like the M9 was able to upgrade to an M9P). A reader at Leica Rumors reached out to Leica Camera AG and received this response:

The Leica Camera AG is planning to offer an upgrade for this model M as well. This gives our M (Type 240) customers the opportunity to equip their camera with various features of the M-P (Type 240). Please be advised that neither the 2GB buffer storage nor the frame selection lever can be upgraded.

Detailed information regarding the offered conversions as well as the costs will be provided in time. We estimate that this service will be available to all interested customers in the second quarter of 2015. Starting immediately, we are offering all customers who are already interested in an upgrade at this time, to collect their contact data and inform them as soon as the service has been activated.

At this point it’s still a rumor but it appears that a Leica M-P upgrade will be available but it will not include the new frame selection lever or the upgraded buffer storage. No word on pricing but if they hold true to form the upgrade will be just north of $1000 and will likely require the camera to be shipped back to Leica for the upgrade to be completed.

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