StreetShootr Is Now On Ello

StreetShootr On Ello

Ello is being called the “anti-facebook” as users embrace its straight-forward user experience and total absense of ads. The site is the brain-child of Kid Robot founder, Paul Budnitz and is gaining popularity quickly with nearly 20,000 people joining the network each hour. Hit the jump for more details.

Ello Is Not Another Facebook

Ello Manifesto

New users are greeted with Ello’s manifesto which lays out the new social netowrk’s vision in plain language. Ello is designed entirely for the people who are using it. Ello does not have a “real name” policy. You can be whomever you want on it. Not only that, but it’s also vehemently anti-advertising. Its manifesto ends with: “You are not a product.”

We want you to be exactly who you are. We don’t really care — we don’t want the data associated with the name because we’re not selling it. — Todd Berger, Ello Designer. “

Ello is still in super-beta and is currently “invite-only”. If you know anyone that’s on Ello you can hit them up for an invite or register your email address and receive an invite when available. Reminds me of the early days of Gmail!

StreetShootr On Ello

It’s a bit early to hop on the bandwagon for a new social network – remember or Diaspora? But I like the idea of Ello and the straight-forward user experience is refreshing to say the least. We’re not abandoning Facebook or Twitter but Ello is one more way you can stay in touch with

You can find us and follow us at the following link:

What do you guys think of Ello? Facebook killer or another social media dead end? Post your comments (below) and keep the conversation going!

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