Leica Q

Leica Q Firmware 2.0 Adds Feature Every Mirrorless Camera Should Copy

leica q firmware update adds great new feature

Leica is known for quality craftsmanship that comes with outrageous prices. They tend to produce old school photographic tools that don’t exactly innovate but the Leica Q is changing that perception across the board. And the Leica Q firmware 2.0 update just added a feature that every mirrorless camera should immediately copy. Hit the jump for the details!

2015 Miami Street Photography Festival Winners Announced

2015 Miami Street Photography Festival Winners

The winners for the 2015 Miami Street Photography Festival have been announced and this year’s grand prize goes to Swapnil Jedhe for his masterfully layered shot of kids at play. Swapnil goes home with a brand new Leica Q and a bunch of other prizes in addition to the pride of winning the most respected street photography contest on the planet. Hit the jump for more info on all of this year’s winners!

The Problem With Leica

The Problem With Leica Camera

Leica. Just mention the name and the haters and trolls show up to call out the brand as a glorified fashion accessory designed to separate fools from their money. But how can a company with a heritage as rich as Leica inspire such vitriol from people who typically aren’t even its customers? Is the little red dot really that offensive? Hit the jump for all the answers!

2015 Miami Street Photography Festival – Call For Entries

Tavepong Pratoomwong Miami Street Photography Festival 2015

The 2015 Miami Street Photography Festival contest is now open and entries are open to anyone 18+ from around the world. The MSPF is quickly becoming one of the premiere street photography events in the world and the first prize for this year’s competition is a spankin’ new Leica Q! Ooooooh… Leica Q! Hit the jump for more info.

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