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Owning Vivian Maier

Owning Vivian Maier

The Vivian Maier story has taken an interesting turn as a potential new heir to the Maier estate has been found by a lawyer in Chicago. The future of the work of the reclusive nanny and talented street photographer is on hold as the courts decide who owns the copyright. Hit the jump for the full story.

Bruce Gilden Shooting On The Street In New York City

Bruce Gilden Shooting In NYC

Bruce Gilden is one of the most divisive figures in modern street photography. His “in your face” confrontational style has sparked much debate about the boundaries of art and personal space and it seems people either love him or hate him. A new mini-documentary features Bruce shooting on the streets in New York City. Hit the jump for the full video.

Partial Leica M-P Upgrade Coming For Existing M 240 Owners?

Leica Rumors is reporting that Leica will allow existing M 240 owners to partially upgrade their cameras to M-P. While the upgrade stops at the cosmetic looks and does not include the larger buffer or frame selector switch it is welcome news for existing M 240 owners who want the stealthy look of the Leica M-P without buying an all-new camera. More info after the jump.

The Leica M-P: One Camera To Rule Them All

Today was the day that the world got its first look at the Leica M-P. The latest rangefinder from Leica is essentially a beefed up version of the M-240 with M9-P style cues and an expanded buffer for more continuous shooting. It may just be the street photographer’s dream camera but is it worth the $700 premium over a standard M-240? Hit the jump to find out!

ACLU Publishes Guide To Photographers Rights

Photographers Rights

It seems that photography is becoming more vilified each day, with countless reports of police over-stepping their authority and harrassing or even arresting photographers that are well within their legal rights to document a scene. With this in mind the ACLU has published a clear and concise guide to photographers rights in the USA. Well worth a read!

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