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Flickr Find: Lollipop Girl By Chris Moxey

Flickr Street Photography Find - Moxette

The intensity of her look belies the simplicity of the moment as a school girl enjoys a sugary treat on her way to wherever she’s going. Her friends faces echo her tense energy while framing the otherwise simple action to create a moment that steps outside of time. The girl in red’s pointing finger completes the lyrical sense of motion across the frame and the result is a shot that’s street photography gold. Hit the jump for more!

Flickr Find: The Nugget Casino | Nevada By Rinzi Ruiz

Rinzi Ruiz The Nugget Casino

Rinzi Ruiz is known for his high contrast black and white street photography from the streets of downtown L.A. but he’s been experimenting with color images lately and this one is particularly well seen. The tentatively formal framing and perfectly saturated colors create sense of place so strong that you can almost hear the slot machines jangling in the background. Hit the jump for more on Rinzi.

Flickr Find: Untitled By Jack Simon

Untitled By Jack Simon On Flickr

A wide open plaza populated by a few lone figures placed perfectly in the distance as a solitary bubble frames a statue subtly, like a whisper. The slightly askew horizon conjurs visions of an image created in an instant without planning. Reaction and instinct taking control. Jack Simon’s latest images were shot during a vacation to Rome and the work lives up to the standard he’s created for himself. Hit the jump for more from this modern master.

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