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Fuji X Pro2 Street Photography Review – Fuji Flagship Finally Gets It Right!

Fuji X-Pro 2 Street Photography Review

The original X-Pro1 was introduced in 2012 as a follow up to Fuji’s incredibly successful X100. It was the first interchangable lens camera to use Fuji’s new X-Trans sensor technology and a lot of people saw it as the ultimate Leica-killer. But sluggish auto-focus and lack luster performance meant it never lived up to the hype. Fast forward 4 years and the Fuji X Pro2 is (finally) released and I remember thinking, all Fuji has to do is give us an X-Pro1 that lives up to modern camera standards and they’re going to have a winner. Did Fuji get it right this time? Hit the jump for our Fuji X Pro2 street photography review!

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Fuji X100T Street Photography Review – There’s A Lot To Like

Fuji X100T Street Photography Review

Few cameras have inspired photographers as much as Fuji’s venerable X100 line of cameras. Street photographers are attracted to these cameras for their retro good looks and quiet operation but is that all they have to offer? Our Fuji X100T street photography review takes this excellent little camera for a spin to see how it performs on the street. Hit the jump for the full review!

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Billingham Hadley Small Review – The Ultimate Camera Bag For Street Photography?

Billingham Hadley Small Review

Billingham has been making high quality camera bags in Britain since 1973 and their products have a reputation for quality craftsmanship and excellent design. But they’re damn expensive! I took the Billingham Hadley Small for a spin to see how it would hold up as an every day street photography companion. Is this little guy worth the premium price? Hit the jump to find out!

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Eric Kim Reviews Fuji X100T For Street Photography

Fuji X100T For Street Photography

Photo © Eric Kim

Eric Kim took time out of his busy Gulph Photo Plus schedule to post a review of the Fuji X100T for street photography. Even though he’s committed to shooting film he likes latest Fuji cam and compares it favorably to X100S and even the XT-1. Is it the right choice for street photographers shooting digital? Hit the jump to find out!

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DigitalRev Reviews iPhone 6 Camera

DigitalRev iPhone 6 Camera Review

iPhoneography is a popular trend in street photography so we generally pay attention whenever a new iPhone is released. The guys at DigitalRev hit the streets for a hands-on review of the new iPhone 6 camera and found it to have moderate improvements in auto focus speed but the new video features were the star of the show. Hit the jump for the video!

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Book Review: Tractor Boys By Martin Bogren

Tractor Boys By Martin Bogren Cover

Tractor Boys by Martin Bogren is a beautiful little book that documents a group of teenage boys in Sweden who spend their spare time racing old cars that have been converted for use on farms. The grainy black and white photos have a soft, almost dream-like focus that makes the book more about a time, a place or a particular mood than it does about a specific set of actions. Hit the jump for the full review.

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Fuji X100T Review By DigitalRev


Kai from DigitalRev is back with a hands-on Fuji X100T review shot on the streets of Hong Kong during the umbrella revolution protests. He covers what’s new and what’s the same with typical DigitalRev humor and style and he likes the camera enough to consider buying one himself! Hit the jump for the video.

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